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How Do I Find My Soul Mate?

Lets talk about Love!  You know, the romantic kind.....the kind that everyone wants to ask their consultant about. Many questions are centered around topics such as "When am I going to meet my soul mate?"  or "Is this THE ONE?"

The first step in finding that romance of a lifetime is to clear all the expectations gathered from Disney (unless you are watching Brave or Frozen ;-) )  and completely forget you ever saw any part of the Twilight series.  Understanding the face of romantic love will set you in the right direction.

Schedule A Party with Barbara

How would you like to get a free half hour psychic reading or Akashic consultation?  Schedule a party in your home, and I will come and give consultations for you and your friends!  The host who schedules gets a free consult of your choice! If you would like more information, contact me on 502-292-9633or at bilari14@gmail.com.  What a great bridal shower or baby shower gift! Let me come to your next event and make it a memorable one <3
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