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Grouse: The Joy of Movement

Feeling a little stuck lately?  Grouse is coming through to tell you it's time to open up your energy and connection through spirit by dance!  I have been working with grouse  since last summer when I encountered him at the magical Bernheim Forest.  He's a feisty fellow though, and hard to photograph, so we have to settle for the power animal card.  you would have got a chuckle watching him lead me through the brush as I tried to get a photo of him. 

Grouse's dances in a spiral, moving ever outward, all while beating his wings on the ground, much like a drum beat.  grouse comes forward to show us sacred movement and the magic of the drum.  He is telling you that opening up to spirit through dance and drumming will create a vitality that will break up stuck energy and provide you with clarity to move forward.  Indecisiveness is indicative of solar plexus issues; one of the greatest ways to open that solar plexus is through dance.  The spiral movement of grouse  points helps to get that solar plexus spinning!  Don't be afraid of being seen, it's about freeing yourself to the sacred joy and expression of dance. 
Saturday will be a great day to get out your drums and dance!  The super moon is coming and it will ad it's cleansing and magnification to your dancing ceremony.  What a beautiful way to enjoy the full moon.  Have a wonderful weekend folks.

Note: If you are a face book friend, you have already met grouse in my weekly video reading, so this is a bit of a recap :-)  If you want to know more about working with power animals to open your life up, feel free to contact me.
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