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Saturday Morning Reading

Good morning wonderful souls!  Today's card pull is taken from Higher Intuitions Oracle.  In the United States, we celebrated our Fourth of July Independence Day, so when I picked this card, I asked the Akashic Records to choose a card that was of the highest good to all concerned.  The Record keepers have always had a sense of humor, and this card is a bit of a point toward the over celebrating that occurred and is occurring over the long weekend. Time to take it down a notch and refuel your body and soul.  Drink plenty of fluids, and get some good sunshine.  You will soon feel ready to face the world. 

United States holiday aside, this card speaks deeply to me today heart chakra work.  it is time to slow down a little and give yourself some much needed attention.  Last week was especially testing for many and the time has come to nurture yourself and let the needs of others be set aside!  They can wait! The people for whom this post is meant are stretching themselves thin tending to everyone but  themselves!  The time is now to work on that self care!  If you do not feed yourself, you will not have the energy to serve others.  Take a look at your heart chakra and ask it what it wants you to know.  The Record Keepers want you to release any beliefs systems that you are not worthy of some well deserved time to yourself <3

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