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Please Hold the Line

I work at an office in the evenings that delivers  messages to military members who have family emergencies.  Sometimes, hunting down these military members can be a daunting task, taking hours of work.  When I call the military in Far East, and the operator says they have found the service member unit, to please hold the line while they contact command,  The recording repeats every half of a minute or so...

"Please hold the Line."

I have learned to love that recording because it means an end to a daunting task is at hand.  I am waiting for the receiver of my message, a completion to a task.    Sometimes in our own life, we are asked by spirit to hold the line.  If we let go, we lose momentum and have to start right back over again.  It feels as if we are in limbo, but it reality, the answer is on its way!  This is indeed,a practice in patience, because we all want our answers Right Now!  Holding the line means that we continue our connection to spirit-holding the line means the answer is on its way soon, don't give up!  Today, be thankful for connection to source.  Know that in time, all will be answered, Please hold the line.

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