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How Do I Find My Soul Mate?

Lets talk about Love!  You know, the romantic kind.....the kind that everyone wants to ask their consultant about. Many questions are centered around topics such as "When am I going to meet my soul mate?"  or "Is this THE ONE?"

The first step in finding that romance of a lifetime is to clear all the expectations gathered from Disney (unless you are watching Brave or Frozen ;-) )  and completely forget you ever saw any part of the Twilight series.  Understanding the face of romantic love will set you in the right direction.  In order to do that, many of us go through quite a long period of finding out what love is not. 
I am just about as much of a sucker for a good romance as the next person, but unfortunately, they have done much to create a deception for people about what true spiritual connection is.  We get caught up in all of the rush of endorphins that accompany new love and we completely lose our minds.  When Creator designed sex, it was and is designed to be a multifaceted experience of the physical and spiritual. For some people, the ego can deceptively mask sexual connection for a spiritual experience, and the results can be devastating. Many of us can simply lose our minds in it all....So slow down a little and allow the connection to develop.  Your spirit will thank you for it.

Before you get caught up in the dance, better to start with a pragmatic discussion with yourself.  Make your list of expectations of Mister or Miss right.  And then tear it up!  There should be the obvious deal breakers and red flags, but you might be surprised to find what the face of your romantic life partner-in-crime looks like! I know I was <3  I had a sensitive, creative artist in mind and what I got was a loud horse groom! My initial reaction to him was to completely roll my eyes and walk away.  It was further down the line when our friendship developed that the spiritually gifted sensitive came out.  In my own expectations, I almost missed out on the love of a lifetime! 

The Akashic Records tell us that soul partnership is a wonderful tapestry of textures and colors, lifetimes of commitments to a mutual cause of love.  We simply cannot have one soul mate and make our way through life learning all the things we set out to learn.  It starts with our immediate family and then branches out into our network of friends, acquaintances, and lovers. It takes a wonderful hodgepodge of Soul Family to accomplish a lifetime of lessons.  So in a nut shell, you have already met many soul mates! Know that there is not one singular Soul Mate for you, but a wonderful committee of Soul Helpers that signed up to share this life experience with YOU!

I will probably have to devote an entire series to the romantic partnership. The endeavor to find love lies in the first shaky steps of the now.  It is a real leap of faith to begin the journey so let the journey begin with an act of intention. Your higher self and your circle of guides are anxious to help you; but in everything spiritual, there needs to be focused intention on what you are attempting to accomplish.  A loving discussion about love with your spiritual guides may be just what the doctor ordered. State exactly what you want, and give the universe momentum.  Set the intention of finding romantic happiness, then get ready for the real work!  Believe me, it's worth it!

If you would like to know more about finding happiness in love, or if you want a spiritual check in on your love life, feel free to contact me and schedule a consultation.  I would love to be of assistance as you find clarity on your path. 

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