Psychic Consultations  get a psychic clairvoyant reading about your situation.  Working with my spiritual guides and channeling the energies of the masters, I can connect you with the answers you need to move forward in any situation.  Insightful answers sprinkled with a bit of grace. Tarot, Oracle, Past life readings.  Available by phone and Skype.  $60 for 30 Minute Consultation

A Tarot Consult provides psychic and spiritual insight using the ancient divination tool of the Tarot.  As a Tarot reader, I have assisted in providing insight into love, finances, spiritual journeys and life decisions.  My Rates are $60 USD for 30 minutes.  I accept paypal and credit card payment.

Power Animal Soul Reading: Who are my power animals? What do they want me to know? How can connecting with them help me?  This is a very popular service.  I use shamanic divination to map your soul story through the eyes of the power animals.  This is a good way to understand how you are affected by the energies of you journey. Learn why you came here and How you can navigate your life lessons.  A power animal reading is also a good tool to gain insight to your everyday situation. Available by phone and 
Skype. $40.00

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